Fall Continues to Rock!

Neil Young & the Promise of the Real, WaMu Theater, Seattle WA

Neil Young & the Promise of the Real, WaMu Theater, Seattle WA

Howdy Simulations Fans! What a fun fall we are having! In October, we got to go on tour with Neil Young for 4 concerts in 5 days. No kidding. We even got to make some art for the show which Neil liked so much that it’s now used on his GoEarth.org website.

How did we get so lucky? Well… in addition to being a legendary rockstar, Neil is a huge environmentalist and social justice warrior. He invites a dozen or so groups to participate in his “Village of Action” each night before and during his shows. The Village includes non-profit and social benefit groups in categories like Earth & Ecology, News You Can Trust, the Future of Farming, Energy & Climate, Freedom & Justice, and so on. (You can see the groups who have participated at www.goearth.org)

The groups change from night to night, and the Village itself is set up differently each night depending on the space available in the venue. Our environmental partner Mission Blue was asked to participate, but they don’t have staff in the Pacific Northwest, so they asked us. Enter Cascade Game Foundry! We represented Mission Blue in Neil’s Village at his shows in Missoula MT, Spokane WA, Seattle WA, and Vancouver BC. What a fantastic experience! We talked to people about the inspiring Dr. Sylvia Earle, her 2009 Ted Wish, the Mission Blue organization, and the entertaining and enlightening Mission Blue movie. We also showed Sylvia diving in our game, Infinite Scuba. And yes, we also got to see Neil Young and the Promise of the Real in concert. Wow! It was cool to see our artwork on the big screens before and after the concerts, too. 🙂

One of Neil Young's big screens at Rogers Arena, Vancouver BC

One of Neil Young’s big screens at Rogers Arena, Vancouver BC

After we returned home, we worked on a contract gig for an unannounced (hopefully not for long!) game and resumed work on Infinite Scuba. Our newest dive site is coming along nicely and we are doing a sneak peek of it during this week’s DEMA (dive industry) show in Orlando and at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival in Monaco next week. So exciting!

More news soon!
The Infinite Scuba team at Cascade Game Foundry

Shown on the big screens at Neil Young's Rebel Content Tour, 2015

Shown on the big screens at Neil Young’s Rebel Content Tour, 2015

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