Graphics, gameplay, and research…

The latest build of Infinite Scuba® is live on our website and Steam! Woohoo! We are recently home from the #DEMAShow 2018 in Las Vegas, where we got the latest scoop from the people dive for a living. This is an inspiring and dedicated crew who share our love of diving and concern for the health of the ocean. These people know what real diving looks and feels like, and they are digging the game’s stunning new graphics – check out a video here:

The game is now localized into Spanish, French, German, and Hungarian. (Long story on that last one. Add it to our extensive list of #indielife adventures. We will write a book someday. 🙂

Dive with Sylvia VR and Submersible Pilot VR are also hits, and often people’s first experience with interactive virtual reality. The oohs, aahs, and gasps are super entertaining, and the emotional tears from people who can’t dive in the real world anymore choke us up, too. Every time.

It is gratifying to see so many people react so enthusiastically to our work, whether they are wowed by our technical abilities, appreciate our efforts to raise awareness for ocean environmental issues, or impressed by our sheer tenacity. It’s also awesome to reconnect with all our old friends in the diving industry, as well as meet new ones.

If you can get in the water, do it. Go. Dive. Now. #godivenow

If you can’t get into the water right now, or want to visit faraway waters, get your digital Zen with us. Stay tuned for more gameplay improvements, dive sites, and sweet new gear.

Peace out.
kathie & the CGF Ocean Warriors

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